New York City Bird Control We are celebrating more than a decade of providing the highest standard of bird control services. Our company has been offering residential and commercial owners the ideal solution for their bird problems. We started as a small startup company with a family-owned van that was converted into a service vehicle. Today, we are now armed with an armada of service vehicles ready to visit you no matter where you are. We value our people; our very first technician is currently assigned to supervise the work of our junior specialists. Our people have gone through at least 100 hours of training that involves all subjects concerning birds and bird invasion. Birds can hurt the reputation of your business and will make your home look unsightly. With us, we will protect your premises and your investments. Experience our incredible customer service at a price that is within your budget. There are no bird invasions too small or too big for us. We will be consistent with our efforts and the results. We promise the highest standard of guarantees for both residential and commercial customers. As a member of different organizations, we assure all our customers that our technicians are all certified, fully-insured, and licensed.

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